Learning Swift Day 0

As someone who never commits to anything, I’ve decided that I want to commit myself to learning Swift. I know a bit of C from programing classes I took back when I actively attended college. And as I’ve somehow1 gone all Apple with my computers, Swift seems to be a great option.

So I decided to start blogging my journey as it will help hold me accountable to going through with my attempt to learn!

 Types of stuff

Apple has a great WWDC2 session on Swift. Swift is smart when it comes to data types and declarations which for someone coming from C is really nice. It is smart about assuming what kinds of data you want to declare and which is going to be passed through in and out of functions, it is quite time saving.

I know for anyone experienced in programing languages, this is basic stuff. I’m still learning so anything I find out even if minuscule is still intriguing you know?

Todays post is going to be short, but I really am looking forward to continuing this series and hopefully to stop being trash at computers!

This is me trying to:

Thanks for reading! ✨⚡️✨⚡️

  1. Everyone who knew me back in the day on IRC is probably confused about this. 

  2. I like how the session number is 404 ? 


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