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Binging Versus Episodic Consumption

 This post is over a year old, and likely doesn’t reflect my current thinking or mindset.

I have been on a binge of comic books lately. When Telltale Games released the quitawesome Wolf Among Us, I got hooked on the story enough that I started to check out the series it is based upon. Fables is the name of that series, and it was the start of my new wonderful hobby, reading comics. But reading through all the backlog of comics had me wondering about how binging on content versus waiting month to month for it changes an opinion of the work as a whole.

Fables as a series has been publishing monthly since 2002, under the DC imprint Vertigo (Sandman, The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, etc). I purchased every trade book (a collection of 5 or more issues into one volume) and essentially read them all in a weekend. As I binged through the entire series, it had me wondering how my view of the work

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Direct versus Indirect

 This post is over a year old, and likely doesn’t reflect my current thinking or mindset.

A common trope among those who write about Apple is that a service is somehow less of a real product when you are not paying for it directly. The biggest example of this being Google, and because of how they sell your information to advertisers, you have no influence on their product development. When one pays for a product, you have a “relationship” with the creator of said product. Without ones direct support, the product would not sustain itself and therefore wouldn’t be successful.

This, as any skeptic would point out, is bullshit. The argument that giving information isn’t just as direct as using a real currency sounds nice in theory, but isn’t true in practice.

If one didn’t give out their information to Google, then Google would have less information to sell to advertisers causing them to

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